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77 m2


Russia, Moscow

More details

We designed this apartment for the mother of our regular customers. Her wish was a modern and comfortable interior with ethnic motives: a lot of wood in the decoration and accessories typical for this style.

Initially, the premises were a standard two-room apartment with a linear layout with a dark corridor. We decided to get rid of it by removing the wall separating it from the living room, letting in sunlight into this space. In the vacant space along the former corridor it was decided to organise a kitchen.

In order not to overload the interior with details, we visually divided the apartment into two parts. The first part are the kitchen and the hallway. Although it is a common space with the living room, thanks to the use of saturated colours, it is allocated into a single volume. Here, to maintain the set style, wood of a warm cognac shade and dark stone are used in the decoration. The lowered wooden ceiling, which stretches over this entire area, only enhances the contrast with the second part of the apartment - light and airy.

The living room and the bedroom and study located on both sides of it are made in neutral, light colours. The accent here is the wicker lampshade above the dining table in the living room and the original decoration in the bedroom above the headboard, reminiscent of African wicker plates.

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